Recently I visited the Pausa Textile Factory in Germany. I’d never heard of Pausa before setting out on this European textile research project. Set up by a Jewish community at the turn of the century Pausa was one of the most influential textile manufacturers in Europe. During it’s reign it was responsible for creating political textiles during world war two, religious textiles and art textiles in the 50’s through to 70’s. Sadly it went into liquidation in 2002.

The Pausa Factory now sits in a virtual derelict state awaiting funding to turn it into a museum. We were lucky enough to have a personal tour with the very lovely Dr. Hermann Berner.

Initially we were taken to the storage facility for the thousands of texiles that have been kept and are awaiting sorting and cleaning once funding becomes available. I can’t tell you how exciting it was to walk into a room with 20,000 vintage textiles. They all had their original labels and I was very surprised to see that Pausa made textiles for Dekoplus and Col’Nova.

Hermann also showed us the sample storage section where vintage textiles were neatly folded into styles. The owners of Pausa were careful to catalogue their fabrics so we were able to look at the original fabric drawings, scrap books and labelling. We were shown a separate room where buyers were brought to see selected new items. There were some great art textiles from the 50’s on display.


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