DESIGNING THE 1950’s & 1960’s

I’m still exploring Bournemouth – well it’s only been 7 weeks so there is still lots to see. The other day I visited a little second hand book store near my home; I always like to see if they have any old fabric books to help with researching my fabrics. Unfortunately in this particular book store these types of books are really popular with Bournemouth University textile students so the minute they come in they are whipped up.


To my absolute delight however they did have some copies of Homes and Gardens and Ideal Home from the 1950’s and 1960’s. Better still, when I was flicking through they had an ACTUAL advert for MY 1950’s lounger I finished upholstering last year!


I bought five magazines in total and I’m so pleased I did. They have some fabulous textile adverts featured.

The earlier editions were heavy on the adverts and very light on the features, but as you enter the 1960’s the articles are much more lifestyle related and the houses featured are more edgy.  The type of house the earlier editions showcase is the sort of house I avoided like the plague when looking for property in Bournemouth-the classic 1950’s bungalow! Not that keen myself, but each to their own..

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