Phewww…I made it to Christmas! Hall is decorated, turkey dinner eaten and many presents opened…oh and a lot of Baileys consumed. I can now look forward to a New Year and concentrate on all things fabric. Yipeeeee.

I’ve had time today to look through a few recent purchases – Some 70’s decorating and fabric books. I got stuck on the opening introduction to “Sewing for the Home (1973)” which is entitled “The Pleasure of Decorating”. Wow! How styles have changed – but the basic advice is the same – that you are the most important ingredient and decor should be a reflection of you (if a little cliché). The room below is described as having ‘a potpourri of stripes, floral and geometric patterns’. Fantastic!

This book also has an excellent break down of fabric types and their properties used at the time, which brings me to the next book – “Fabrics (1979)” by Ann Ladbury. This is a sort of encyclopaedia to all fabric types and properties. Not the most riveting read in the world, but an excellent guide to 60’s and 70’s textile make up and has proved invaluable to identifying my collection of fabrics. No pictures though..boohoo.

Finally, a visual delight “Sure & Simple Home Making (1975)”. If you like orange, pattern and upholstered bathrooms then you will love this little number. I’ve really enjoyed looking through the pictures in this book. These were the sort of interiors around when I was a toddler and I like to think that they are the reason for my interest in pattern and colour.


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