Over the past few months I’ve been collecting some images of this little bookshop around the corner from where I live. It’s called The Winton Bookshop. I’m afraid it doesn’t have a website, but perhaps that’s why I just love this place. It is a traditional old second hand bookshop where you have to rummage. I don’t know, vintage has become so popular and sometimes I just want a good rummage! So in the hope I’m not going to spoil this experience by publicising this little emporium, I thought I would upload some images of their shop window display.

It’s the wife of the guy that runs it who does the shop displays. She used to do it as a career before having a family and she sure does have a talent. She always entices me in. Better still, she has just set up a little antique section at the back of the store…I wish Winton had more of these little places (If anyone is reading this and looking to set up a coffee shop/deli- Winton really needs a good coffee place!!!)



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