Me and my Mum met in Winchester last week – it’s sort of the mid way point between my house and my sister’s house so we often do day trips there. I do like Winchester. I think I have found my favourite retail shop too – The Hambledon. I’ve used pinterest to pin a few pics from their website as I just love their homewares, particularly their Scandinavian posters.

Whilst mooching in the Charity shops there, My mum picked up this book on Bargello and commented that it looked like the tapestry in our lounge (I think this is the third time I’ve used my tapestry in this blog – sorry!). Well, I was very intrigued as I’ve never heard of bargello before.

Looking through the book there is defiantly a resemblance. The instruction manual displays pictures of geometric shapes in vibrant colours and applies it to all sorts of weird and wonderful things; Kaftans, handbags, cushions and art!

The book was a steal at £1 and has got me motivated into taking the tapestry off the trunk I found recently to put into a frame (yep STILL haven’t got round to doing that!)

Not sure I will be attempting a bargello anytime soon though what with the upholstery, fabric and kiddies – there is only so much a girl can do…Hmm but it does look good doesn’t it..?



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