I was at a car boot recently and came across a man unloading two rather interesting looking chairs. I bought them (of course) and squeezed them into the car amongst my other finds. When I got home I stacked them in the corner of my office with the rest of the ‘I must do something with these chairs’ chairs.



Fast forward a few weeks and I was mooching around on Flickr and came across a design by Peter Hvidt & Orla Molgaard which looked almost identical to my water stained frames. I have to say I was just a little bit excited when I cam across an auction of them for over $1,000!

As fate would have it a couple of days after this event I found some original 1960’s orange wool on a bolt and bought the lot. This and a good sand down is exactly what these chairs need and I am pleased to say I am currently in process of the transformation.

So are my chairs by Peter Hvidt? Well, there is no signature mark and the two tone legs are different. There is also the detail change in the upper arm of my chairs. I have concluded that these are almost definitely copies, BUT, underneath the dark stain is a beautiful blonde elm wood – so could they be Danish?


Facts about Peter Hdvit:

  • Born 1916, died 1986
  • Originally trained as a cabinetmaker and architect
  • His design (with Orla Mølgaard-Nielsen (1907-1993)) put Denmark at the forefront of modern furniture design in the 50’s
  • He was responsible for making mass produced furniture easy for exportation
  • In collaboration, he designed 256 pieces of furniture




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