Whoops. Sorry about that. Been a little bit of time since my last blog. Its because I’ve been a bit wrapped up in the most exciting thing EVER to happen to something fine and that is designing and decorating my BRAND NEW WORKSHOP. Ah, just can’t wait to share it with you. That will be next blog, I promise (although, some of you will have seen many pictures posted on FB and Instagram!!).

A couple of weeks back I picked up what I thought was pretty paper from a car boot. The ‘paper’ was decorating with delicate roses and geometric shapes and larger flowers.

When I got it home I had a good old inspection of it and to my delight one of the floral fabrics was dated ‘LONDON 1857’. Also it wasn’t paper as I first thought, it was really really starched fabric. How exciting!

As most of the fabric I purchase is from 1930’s onwards, I turned to the experts for this one. I spoke with the lovely John Hopper from The Textile Blog. He is the man in the know when it comes to antique textiles and has a huge database of images of fabrics from all sorts of eras.

In one of his past blog posts he writes a very informative piece about fabrics from the 1850’s. According to Hopper, much of textile design in this era was carried out by under-qualified designers with little experience. At the time [most] British textile Manufacturers saw little point in investing in educating their designers.

Like Hopper’s illustrations, I think given the feel and design of the textile I would say mine were for the fashion industry, but if you are in anyway more informed than I am, please do get in touch. With this pile there was also a liberty Paisley piece. I thought perhaps given it was with these fabrics it would have been from a similar era, but someone with a keen eye recently told me it was almost definitely from the 60’s. Still a nice find. If you are interested in purchasing any of the fabrics from me, please do get in touch.


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Once a kitchen table Upholsterer, now a fully fledged tutor, author and hoarder of vintage fabrics. My Upholstery studio is based in Bournemouth, Dorset, where I live with my husband and two tinkers.

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