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“ This book is dedicated to women and girls – especially to teachers of sewing everywhere – who enjoy the feel of fabric, the beauty of textures, the precision of stitches, the smoothness of seams, and who delight always in appropriate fabrics carefully cut and made up for a happy purpose”

Singer Sewing Book Front Cover 1950s

When I read the opening forward to this lovely sewing book published by Singer in the 1950’s, it gave me such a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. I suppose people on blogs everywhere are talking about sewing right now with the Great British Sewing Bee tv series, but it makes you realise that people everywhere have had so much enjoyment from sewing for generations, and the words in this sewing book could fit any crafter of today.

The book covers everything from your attitude towards sewing and your machine, setting up a sewing room, knowing fabrics and techniques and challenges. Of interest to me is the section on curtain and covers for chairs. I’m not a curtain maker, but I like to have a go.

Singer Sewing Book Dresses

Singer Sewing Book Upholstery

Singer Sewing Book Slip Covers for chairs

Singer Sewing Book Curtains

I recently bought a new (well second hand and slightly rusty) industrial sewing machine having used my mums 80’s semi industrial New Home sewing machine for many years. The marked difference between an industrial and hobby sewing machine, in my opinion, is the sheer speed and the amount of layers you can get under the needle.

Wimsew Sewing machine

What sewing machine do you use? I’d love to hear if you use your mothers of have bought a new super duper one. My new machine is by Wimsew and is four years old, although it’s table is a good few years older. I’ll be using it a lot over the next couple of weeks with this boat upholstery commission…

Boat Upholstery


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