A Few Resolutions for 2015

I always like to set out a few resolutions at the beginning of the year, it’s a good way to feel positive in January after all the excitement of Christmas.

2014 was good to me; book deal, a couple of articles, some lovely workshops and some good upholstery, plus the most amazing weather in Bournemouth in the summer.

I’m focusing in a bit for 2015.

1. Photography

Having met the lovely Jack from Bang Wallop, and seeing his skills at work on the photography for my book, it made me realise just how rubbish I am at using a camera. I always just put it down to ‘not being very good at photography’, but then I discovered the little one day course bang wallop do in Salcombe and thought perhaps I could learn something, so this month I’m booked on one of their courses.


2. Work Life Balance

I should have entitled this ‘getting a cleaner’, but I thought it would be a bit crass. It’s really about being more organised. Last year my home and work life merged in to one. I’d be cooking and sending emails simultaneously. It was hard. It was a little stressy. I wasn’t a very good Mummy. So, well, I’m getting a cleaner this year and on my kiddie days I’m limiting computer time (she says writing her blog on a kiddie day…no its ok, he’s watching Cars 2 on the telly and eating lunch)

3. Skill

Doing upholstery workshops certainly keeps me on my toes where upholstery is concerned. You never know what you are going to reveal when you start taking the layers apart. Most of what comes into my studio is modern upholstery, but I want to perfect my sewing and traditional upholstery skills, so I’m looking to take a course this year. I have my eye on this 5 day course in Cornwall.


4. Veggies

A couple of years ago my hubby built a veggie patch in our garden. Ever since then I have half heartedly bought seeds and plants and watched as the slugs or dry weather annihilates them. This is the year fellow crafters. This is THE year. I WILL grow veggies (and with the help of ‘Grow your Own Veg’ by Carol Klein). That said, as a back up, I will continue with the yummy veggie boxes I get from Abel and Cole each week. They really are a weekly delight.


5. Health

I just need to be more healthy. ‘Nuff said.


What are your turn arounds this year?


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Once a kitchen table Upholsterer, now a fully fledged tutor, author and hoarder of vintage fabrics. My Upholstery studio is based in Bournemouth, Dorset, where I live with my husband and two tinkers.

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