We Finished Our Renovation!

Its just taken the 9 Years. Honestly, when we moved in I thought five maximum. But then when I think about it, it was a lot of time, planning and of course, finance.

Our House – Before
House Renovation - Before
Our House – Before

We lived with my Mother in Law for six months whilst we had the kitchen and bathrooms done. We forced a move in really. It definitely wasn’t ready enough to have a 18 month old crawling around in.

After we had made all the rooms habitable (we completely run out of money), we lived in it for 5 years. It was a real state on the exterior.

In 2016 we embarked on the next phase: A loft extension, new windows and a full render of the house.

House Renovation - Scaffolding
Our House – During the Rendering Process (Arghhh!)
House Renovation - Rendering
Our House – The Loft window is going in
House Renovation - Back
Our House – Exterior Back View

The second reno wasn’t too bad. It only started to get to me in the final 2 weeks. Before that, most of it was outside and took place behind a closed door as we fashioned the stairs through our old bedroom.

House Renovation Complete Front
Our House – Final View
House Renovation Complete Back
Our House – Exterior Back View

So here it is. I’m pleased with the result, although I really would have liked a new roof. Unfortunately that was an expense too far. We just need to re-do our porch which needs a new lead roof and is sinking so it needs to be underpinned. We are also working on our garden at present.

I wonder how long it will be before I start trawling the pages of Houses for Sale for the next project?! Next Time I’ll show some interior shots.


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