The Upholstery Studio on YouTube

I have finally set up a You Tube Channel! Woo! I’ll be giving some upholstery tips from The Upholstery Studio, talking about vintage fabrics and you can see the time lapses I made for my book over the summer. Check it out here: The Upholstery Studio

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Upholstery Tools and Materials I’ve never used

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how I can improve my skill level. Whatever job you start in, as a graduate or straight from School, it’s the same. You start knowing very little and as time goes on you accumulate more knowledge, building on your skill. Well it’s the same with Upholstery. The late […]

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A Few Resolutions for 2015

I always like to set out a few resolutions at the beginning of the year, it’s a good way to feel positive in January after all the excitement of Christmas. 2014 was good to me; book deal, a couple of articles, some lovely workshops and some good upholstery, plus the most amazing weather in Bournemouth […]

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Vintage Fabric Scraps Event

I’m having a vintage fabric scraps evening in my studio on 13th November 2014. I have a surplus of vintage and new fabric scraps that are taking over my studio so I thought, being near christmas and all, it would be the perfect time to put on an event and give them away for FREE! I […]

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French Brocantes and My Finds

The summer holidays seem a distant memory but the excitement of travelling to a plethora of French Brocantes in August still remains. Every summer I make the trip across to Cherbourg from Poole and then onwards to Bordeaux to stay in my Mum’s house in the Charentes. On route, I pick up a copy of Antiquites […]

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Upholstery Time Lapse

I’ve been working hard in The Upholstery Studio creating a time lapse of each of the projects I am upholstering for my Book. Here’s is the first of the time lapses for the Patchwork Nursery Chair.

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My Story: From Office Girl to Upholsterer

I had a revelation the other day – a sort of life changing moment… I attended this posh event called The Venus Awards in Poole, Dorset. The room was filled with these fabulous glamorous and successful women from across the county. I watched as each nominee was called up on stage to deliver their speech- I […]

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A Book Deal and More…

If you follow me on twitter, facebook or instagram (yes I think that covers all wait..Pinterest too!) You will know I’ve just signed a book deal. Weeeehhh! Very excited to tell you my upholstery book is due out July 2015. I’ve had lots of people through my studio doors of late. Last weekend I […]

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Singer Sewing Book Front Cover 1950s

My New Sewing Machine

“ This book is dedicated to women and girls – especially to teachers of sewing everywhere – who enjoy the feel of fabric, the beauty of textures, the precision of stitches, the smoothness of seams, and who delight always in appropriate fabrics carefully cut and made up for a happy purpose” When I read the […]

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Bournemouth Upholstery Studio

Upholstery Workshop – March 2014

Saturday March 8th saw my second Upholstery workshop and I had four lovely ladies in creating something special with a tatty piece of furniture and a yummy piece of fabric. 1. The girls in action on an ottoman, footstool and stool, and Lindy working hard on her iron frame.

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